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Scott Hagizadegan

CEO, Shield IT Networks

“After 21 years, I opened my own MSP and added marketing to catapult to $89,492 in MRR in just 90 days!”

"With my previous MSP, we practically did zero marketing and therefore sucked at lead generation, follow-up and bringing aboard new clients. When I discovered that Robin’s sales and marketing approach delivered tremendous education and VALUE to my prospects and clients, I went all in!

In the first 30 days since attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, I took advantage of several of Technology Marketing Toolkit’s marketing programs. These marketing wins included co-authoring an Amazon best-selling book, sending direct mail campaigns, improving our website, conducting client business reviews each quarter and so much more.

By implementing a proven marketing system to attract new clients and keep our new MSP front-of-mind we added $89,492 in new MRR and $6k in new projects in our FIRST 90 days of business…even in the middle of lockdowns from a global pandemic!”

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